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The leading Internet Content Providers of Hungary (hereafter: Content Providers), in order to ensure that

  • the rules, procedures, and customs of Internet content providing bedefined and known to service providers as well as users and the broader public
  • so that Internet content providing would take place within a framework regulated by professional organizations and the participants of the market
  • Internet content providing be adjusted to the legal background and emerging self-regulating systems of other fields related to content providing (advertising, the press, and other areas of information providing)
  • the same rules apply to those accepting or employing the present regulations of content providing
  • these rules become known to, and accountable by, consumers of content providing, as well as anyone else coming into contact with, or forming opinion about, it
  • the infringement of the accepted rules of content providing be sanctioned within the framework of self-regulation
  • the elected professional organization of Content Providers represent Content Providers during negotiations with other professional organizations, as well as state bodies and institutions
  • Content Providers exert legitimate and professionally sound influence, based on mutual agreement, on the changing conditions of the market, the altering legal background, international processes affecting the Hungarian context, and the formation of roles assumed by the state
establish the Hungarian Association of Content Providers that has elaborated, discussed, and accepted the Statutes of the Association, the Code of Content Providing, the Code of Ethics of Content Providing, and made several recommendations to its members and accepting associations about the particular rules of content providing and the publication of these rules on the Internet.