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The Association of Hungarian Content Providers (MTE), a self-regulating body, was founded in 2001 by Hungarian internet content providers  - including Index and [origo] – in order for the content providers to be able to participate in the development of the Hungarian Internet business market with verified and professionally supported committments, and with the tools of self-regulation.

It is a certain effort of MTE to achieve that the Internet be regulated with the smallest state intervention possible, and that emphasis is placed on self-regulation. For this, MTE created the professional code of internet content providing, and the code of ethics describing a generally accepted system of ethical norms for Hungarian content provision. To decide about disputed matters, the association establishes a professional decision court, whose decisions are accepted by members of MTE as binding on themselves.

The goals of MTE are:
  • To provide an institutional framework to professional debates about the regulation of Internet content provision
  • Realize and actively practice the techniques of self-regulation in the area of Internet self-regulation
  • Prepare and make available publicly the rules and ethical norms of Internet content provision
  • To achieve a unified system of norms for Internet content provision
  • To create clear and obvious rules understandable by content users for the activities of Hungarian content creator and publisher workshops
  • The association shall represent content providers on discussions with the state organisations
  • To contribute to the development of the Internet culture, and making the Internet more safe and friendly